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Servicemen liberated two pregnant women from snow banks 31 december 2014, 15:01

Wednesday, December 30, ODESA OBLAST — Ukrainian servicemen help local population to clear snow. Soldiers evacuated 15 cars and over 80 people from snow banks. There were also two pregnant women among them.

ATO NEWS: ATO forces destroyed sabotage group of illegal armed formations 31 december 2014, 11:00

Wednesday, December 31, DONBAS — According to the ATO press center, near Pisky village (Donetskairport), there was a fight between Ukrainian soldiers and enemy’s sabotage group.

ATO NEWS: Militants still complete attacks 31 december 2014, 09:23

Wednesday, December 31. DONBAS — According to the ATO press center, in the past night the situation has not been considerably changed. Militants have completed single armed provocations.

President: Now we have means of protection 30 december 2014, 16:59

Tuesday, December 30, LVIV OBLAST – In Yavoriv garrison, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko presented about 100 items of military equipment and armament produced and repaired by the defense-industrial enterprises of Ukraine. In the International.

President handed apartment keys to militaries in Yavoriv 30 december 2014, 15:01

Tuesday, December 30, LVIV OBLAST – In the course of the working visit to Lviv region, President Petro Poroshenko presented orders and apartment keys to soldiers and their families in Yavoriv garrison. 59 families received apartments in the new.

‘Support Ukrainian Army’ Campaign: MoD of Ukraine received UAH 153,208 mln 30 december 2014, 12:30

Tuesday, December 30, KYIV — As of December 30 within the ‘Support Ukrainian Army’ Campaign the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine received UAH 153,208 mln. from legal and physical entities. UAH 140,785 mln.

Colonel General Stepan Poltorak visits Land Forces Academy 30 december 2014, 12:00

Tuesday, December 30, LVIV – Colonel General Stepan Poltorak visited Hetman Petro Sahaydachnyi Land Forces Academy. Head of defense ministry toured the Academy, learnt its history and viewed capabilities of the advanced Center of Combat Operations.

Military musicians thank for army support 30 december 2014, 11:34

Tuesday, December 30, CHERNIHIV – Representatives of Military Musical Center of the Land Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces made New Year Concert in the Shopping Mall Megacenter.

Ukrainian servicemen help to remove snow 30 december 2014, 11:00

Tuesday, December 30, ODESA OBLAST – Ukrainian servicemen help to clear highways and roads from snow and help people to evacuate vehicles from snow banks.

Updated BRDM-2 Khazar from Mykolayv Armor Tank Plant 30 december 2014, 09:55

Tuesday, December 30, MYKOLAYV — Mykolayv Armor Tank Plant manufactures updated BRDM-2 Khazar. This armored vehicle has additional armor and modern communications means, new diesel engine, prestart heater and thermal sights.