Personal protective equipment: modern and high-quality helmets are accepted for provision to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

2023-09-25 11:18:00 | ID: 70783

Five combat ballistic helmet models were accepted for provision to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Each of them passed military (experimental) tests in the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This was reported in the Main Department of Development and Support of Material Provision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
"On the image, you can see a full-size helmet and a high-cut one. They are identical, the only difference is that one model has cutouts for ears. The helmet is equipped with side rails for attaching special headphones, torches, as well as with front mount for night vision devices, thermal vision systems, cameras, etc. These helmets are of the 1st class of protection. They must withstand five shots with a 9mm bullet from a Makarov, five shots with a 9mm bullet from Luger. The helmet shell must ensure resistance to damage caused by typical debris simulators weighing 1.1 g and having V50 velocity of at least 670 m/s, fired from a distance of 5 metres," - say experts on the development of material assets for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The Ministry’s of Defence technical specification on combat ballistic helmet defines the requirements on the dimensions and anatomical overlapping areas of the head. For each size there is a specified weight, since according to the military standards, the recommended weight of the helmet should not exceed 1.5 kg.

"During the testing of the helmets, the suspension system, mounts, pads, their shape and dimensions had been changing until they were refined to maximum convenience. After receiving positive feedbacks from the military units, the manufacturers sent the helmets for ballistic and non-ballistic tests. According to the results, we received protocols on compliance with our requirements and we approved five helmets models. Currently, military (experimental) tests of new helmet models (one of Ukrainian and two of foreign manufacturers) are being conducted," added representatives of the Main Department.

Activities on providing the personnel of the Armed Forces with modern and high-quality personal protective equipment are ongoing. Read more in the following publications.