The Ministry of Defence supports the parliamentary draft law that will help to digitise the military register

2023-09-20 15:30:00 | ID: 70748

The draft Law "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Improving the Procedure for Processing and Using Data in State Registers for Military Registration and Acquiring the Status of War Veteran During Martial Law" (registration number 10062) has been registered in the Parliament.

The experts of the Directorate of Digital Transformation in the Defence Sector of the Ministry of Defence provided proposals at the stage of drafting this legislative initiative. They noted that the provisions of the draft law will contribute to the faster launch of a full-fledged electronic register of persons subject to military service.

The draft law also partially changes the procedures for acquiring the status of a combatant / war veteran for the period of martial law. The Ministry of Defence intends to work with the Parliament to improve this process and to take into account as much as possible the interests of military service members who have taken or are taking part in combat operations.

The provisions of the draft law, in particular, create conditions for:

  • Procession of military registration documents in electronic registers, without need of document packages in paper form, as it happens now;
  • Full-fledged launch of the electronic register of persons subject to military service, what will help to decrease the number of mandatory visits by citizens to Territorial Recruitment and Social Support Centres;

  • Electronic interaction between the registers of persons subject to military service and war veterans, what will make the provision of services to veterans much more comfortable.

To fulfil this task, the divisions of the IT sector of the Ministry of Defence are actively establishing processes of information interaction with state authorities, as well as taking measures to increase cyber threats resilience of the register of persons subject to military service.