More support from the partners, Capabilities Coalition, IT Coalition - results of the 15th Ramstein Meeting

2023-09-19 20:40:00 | ID: 70742

Minister of Defence of Ukraine Rustem Umerov took part in the 15th meeting in the format of Ukraine Defence Contact Group, which took place on September 19 at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

The Heads of the Defence Ministries of about 50 countries discussed further military aid to Ukraine in repelling armed aggression of the russia.

"The common goal of all the countries of the free world is to win this war. Even after nineteen months of fierce fighting, the Ukrainian army remains highly motivated, and the Ukrainian people do not intend to give up. We need more weapons and more help."

The Minister of Defence of Ukraine called on his counterparts to continue supporting Ukraine and outlined Ukraine's priority needs.

The partners have once again confirmed their commitment to support Ukraine.

The Ukrainian delegation also familiarized the partners with the current situation regarding Ukraine and in the territories temporarily occupied by russian troops, as well as regarding the course of operations and combats conducted by the Ukrainian Defence Forces.

The members of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group announced security aid packages. These packages are mainly aimed at developing the capabilities of the Defence Forces in terms of air and missile defence, air support, as well as manoeuvrability and the ability to overcome barrages on the battlefield.

Also, as a result of the meeting, Ukraine, Estonia and Luxembourg launched an IT Coalition, which was joined by Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, and Latvia.

The key outcome of the IT Coalition should be the creation of united digital ecosystem of combat control and defence resource management for the Defence Forces.

The Defence Ministers also agreed to launch an initiative to create the Capabilities Coalition.

The main goal of this Coalition will be the future preparation of the Defence Forces of Ukraine. For this purpose, the Ministry of Defence identified five clusters requiring priority attention: air defence, artillery, aviation, navy and armoured vehicles.