"Khyzhak" (Predator) and RBPP-500: the Ministry of Defence has adopted two tactical machine gun systems

2023-09-19 10:20:00 | ID: 70744

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has adopted two tactical complexes - RBPP-500 tactical complex (capacity: 500 rounds) for 7.62-mm PKM and MG42 machine guns and "Khyzhak" (Predator) tactical machine gun set.

The "Khyzhak" (Predator) machine gun set is designed for the placement and continuous supply of machine gun belts loaded with 7.62×54 mm calibre rounds for PK (PKM) machine guns. The RBPP-500 tactical complex can also be used with 7.62×51 mm rounds for MG42 machine gun. After successful tests, both complexes proved their reliability and effectiveness.

The Ministry of Defence continue working to provisioning the Armed Forces of Ukraine, what also includes combat and long-range weapons.

Thanks to Accelerator of the Ministry of Defence, the procedure for admission to the operation has been accelerated to 45 days.