"We are interested in transparent relationships with partners, and we will be ready to demonstrate the level everything is organised in Ukraine" - Volodymyr Havrylov

2023-09-15 16:03:00 | ID: 70728

Deputy Minister of Defence Volodymyr Havrylov said this while commenting on information about additional measures by the USA to monitor aid provided to Ukraine in the security sector.

The main part of the technical and logistical aid comes from the USA, and we are very grateful to the American people. This is a normal process; this would be a normal and reasoned response of any major supplier of weapons.

In contemplation of the adoption of the budget for 2024, the Law on Ukraine is being considered there. Therefore, within the framework of these draft laws, it is quite normal for members of Congress and other politicians in Washington to get reliable information about the correct use of the delivered weapons.

We will do everything and will provide assistance so that members of Congress have no doubts.

Our partners have always paid attention to the use and accounting of their equipment by the Defence Forces of Ukraine since the very beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine.

Since 2022, teams of various inspectors and controllers have been coming to us to see how things are going. As of today, we have no concerns regarding the work of the three teams. We solve individual issues on a routine basis.

In general, all teams of inspectors return with confirmation that there are no losses of technical and logistical aid and it is accounted and used for its intended purpose. Also, there are no violations from the Ukrainian side regarding the promises not to use weapons on the territory of neighbouring countries.