Greetings from the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Rustem Umerov on the Ukrainian Tank Troops Day

2023-09-14 09:40:00 | ID: 70715

14th of September is the Ukrainian Tank Troops Day.

Tankers are iron heroes who bring our victory closer every day. I thank military service members of tank troops for their bravery in the battles against the russian occupiers. Thank you for the quick and skilful mastering of the vehicles provided by the ‘Tank Coalition’. Thank you for helping our infantry soldiers and soldiers of other branches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Defence Forces at the front. Your fire and armour support is absolutely necessary in all types of combat.

I am grateful to the employees of our tank-building industry for the quick and high-quality restoration of russian trophy tanks.

Eternal memory to the Heroes who gave their lives for a free and independent Ukraine.
Glory to Ukrainian Tank Troops!
Glory to Ukraine!

Minister of Defence of Ukraine Rustem Umerov.