A representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is included in the Board of Directors of the Regional CyberDefense Center in Kaunas

2023-01-31 23:45:00 | ID: 69096

According to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania, the Ukrainian military actively participates in the work of the Regional Cyber Defense Center (RCDC) in Kaunas.

Among the tasks of the RCDC are the analysis of cyber threats, the organization of training of cyber security specialists, the conduct of scientific research in the field of cyber security, as well as the development of cooperation with strategic partners.

Joint events of military cyber security specialists are held with the aim of deepening mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of intelligence and analysis of cyber threats. In addition, it is an exchange of experience of specialists in response, processing and protection against cyber threats. Our specialists will study the possibilities of RCDC to provide cyber defense means (hardware and software) in the interests of the development of cyber defense systems of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as expanding the technical capabilities of the RCDC. Practical training as part of RCDC cyber units and on the basis of the RCDC training center gives Ukrainian specialists practical experience in responding to cyber threats. A representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is included in the RCDC Board of Directors.

Also, our specialists are involved in solving operational tasks of the RCDC to strengthen cooperation with the United States of America, Poland and other strategic partners of Lithuania in the field of cyber security, conducting joint analysis of cyber threats, participating in training courses for cyber security specialists, and in international scientific research in the field of cybersecurity.