The Patriot complex is an important step in creating an effective air shield for Ukraine - Volodymyr Zelenskyy following the negotiations with the U.S. President

2022-12-22 02:30:00 | ID: 68871

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the key issue of his negotiations today in the USA was the strengthening of Ukraine in the next year and the movement of our state towards victory in the war for independence. He stated this during a joint briefing with U.S. President Joseph Biden following the meeting in Washington.

“I’m coming back home with great news. Today, President Biden announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of about 2 billion dollars. And the strongest element of this package is the Patriot complex - something that will significantly strengthen our air defense. This is an important step in creating an effective air shield for Ukraine. This is the only way we will deprive the terrorist state of its main instrument of terror - the ability to attack our cities, our energy, and our people," the Ukrainian Head of State said.

He said that an important part of the conversation with the U.S. President was the coordination of further strategic steps.

"We talked in detail about what we expect from next year and what we are preparing for. This is important for all Ukrainians. And this is a great help," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

The President of Ukraine expressed hope that the Congress will approve a package of financial support for our country in the amount of almost 45 billion dollars. "Thank you for such a great support! Every dollar of such an investment by the United States in the defense of freedom will mean a real and tangible strengthening of global security," he assured.

The President of Ukraine expressed gratitude to the U.S. Congress for bicameral and bipartisan support.

"We have a clear understanding of how our defense capabilities will be strengthened in the coming months," the President of Ukraine said.

U.S. President Joseph Biden confirmed that he is waiting for the law to be submitted for his signature making the provision of the necessary weapons to Ukraine easier and faster.

"Today, I’m announcing the next tranche of security assistance in the amount of 1 billion 850 million dollars, including the equipment that Ukraine needs, the supply of ammunition that Ukraine will need in the months ahead for artillery, tanks and rocket launchers. The Patriot air defense system will also be provided with the necessary training of Ukrainian personnel so that they can continue to protect Ukrainian airspace," said Joseph Biden.