The operational update regarding the russian invasion on 06.00 on May 15, 2022

2022-05-15 04:00:00 | ID: 67525

The eighty-first day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

russian enemy does not cease offensive operations in the Eastern Operational Zone.

In the Volyn and Polissya directions, russian enemy did not take active action. The threat of missile and bomb strikes on objects on the territory of our state from the territory of the republic of belarus remains. Demonstration and provocative actions by units of the Armed Forces of the republic of belarus are not ruled out in the border areas.

In the Siverskyy direction, russian enemy continues to strengthen the protection of the Ukrainian-russian border in the Bryansk and Kursk regions, fires and launches air strikes on the territory of Chernihiv and Sumy regions.

In the Slobozhansky direction, russian enemy took measures to regroup its units, replenish stocks of ammunition, fuel and oil to restore the offensive capabilities.

In the Kharkiv direction, russian enemy units did not conduct active hostilities.

In the Slovyansk direction, russian enemy fired on units of the Defence Forces of Ukraine. He tried to break through the defences of our troops, but was unsuccessful. Carries out replenishment and restoring of losses, continues regrouping of troops to resume the offensive in the direction of Barvinkove and Slovyansk.

russian enemy is trying to develop success in the Bakhmut direction. Despite the losses, russian enemy continues to advance in the Lyman, Severodonetsk, Avdiivka and Kurakhiv areas. The regrouping of enemy troops in the Lyman and Bakhmut directions is noted.

In the city of Mariupol, the blockade of Ukrainian units in the area of the Azovstal plant continues. russian invaders did not stop air strikes and artillery shelling.

russian enemy did not conduct active hostilities in the South Buh area. Continues to hold positions. His main efforts are focused on conducting air reconnaissance and shelling the positions of the Defence Forces.

The moral and psychological condition of russian enemy's units remains low, and enemy units continue to suffer losses in manpower and equipment.

According to the available information, in connection with the significant losses of the 810th Separate Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet during hostilities in Ukraine, it was decided to replenish the brigade with personnel from other units of the Black Sea Fleet, including crew members.

During the previous day, the air defence units of the Land Forces and the Air Force shot down eight air targets: seven Orlan-10 UAVs, one aircraft.

The Air Forces of Ukraine continued to fire at russian enemy and support the fighting of our troops. In particular, the platoon base, the command and control post of the company, 10 armoured vehicles and enemy personnel were destroyed.

Twelve enemy attacks were repulsed in the Donetsk and Luhansk directions over the past 24 hours, eight tanks, five artillery systems, nine units of armoured combat vehicles and five enemy vehicles were destroyed. russian occupiers have losses in other areas as well.

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Together to victory!

Glory to Ukraine!