Valerii Zaluzhnyi had a phone conversation with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark A. Millie

2022-05-13 09:00:00 | ID: 67508

«During a telephone conversation this night, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark A. MILLEY, asked me what the victory means to us.

Actually, this is an important issue. For me, victory is the destruction of the enemy who is on our soil and the liberation of all the territories seized by him.

I have informed General Millie about the operational environment. It remains difficult, but our mood is combative and we are focused only on Victory.

I also emphasized the enemy's continued use of strategic cruise missiles. On a daily basis, the enemy fires 10 to 14 cruise missiles at civilian infrastructure facilities. Recently, Russia has resorted to the tactics of massive use of supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles of the Kh-22 type on these facilities. Thus, last day at the Kremenchuk oil refinery, the enemy used 12 cruise missiles, two of which we managed to shoot down with Stinger MANPADS. One of the reasons for the enemy's transition to this tactic is the refusal to use aviation, which suffers vast losses.

The telephone conversation with General MILLEY is yet another opportunity to express gratitude to the People and Government of the United States for the assistance provided, as well as an opportunity to assure that we keep strict records and control over the use of the provided materiels. We are ready to share all the materials with the U.S. Embassy as soon as it returns to Ukraine».

Головнокомандувач ЗС України / CinC AF of Ukraine