Russian aggression created threats to all states in the Black Sea region – Oleksii Reznikov

2022-04-06 18:30:00 | ID: 67185

Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov took part in the virtual meeting with the colleague ministers organised by the Turkish side. Minister of Defence of Turkey Hulusi Akar, Minister of Defence of Bulgaria Dragomir Zakov, Minister of Defence of Georgia Juansher Burchuladze, Minister of Defence of Mariusz Błaszczak and Minister of Defence of Romania Vasile Dîncu took part in the meeting.

The meeting in such a format was held for the first time, when partners from Ukraine and Georgia is involved in the discussions of regional problems with four NATO states.

A special attention was paid to the security issues in the Black Sea region and humanitarian challenges that were caused by Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

The issues of the evacuation of civilians from combat areas, providing the security of international navigation, possible measures for ceasefire and preserving peace were also in the focus of the meeting.

All the international partners expressed undisputed support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in its internationally recognized borders.

“I want to thank my colleague Hulusi Akar for organisation of this meeting, where we can exchange opinions regarding challenges to the region in the context of the war that was started by Russian against Ukraine. I much appreciate that since Turkey has not recognized illegal occupation of Crimea. Russia’s invasion has caused a colossal humanitarian crisis and created direct security threats to all states in the Black Sea region. Safety of international navigation is undermined. Russia is creating provocations against civilian vessels. Some of them are blocked in Ukrainian ports and have already been attacked by Russia, there are victims. The Russian Navy throws into the sea mines seized in Sevastopol, which belonged to the Ukrainian Navy until 2014. De facto, it is an attempt to commit terrorist acts against civilian vessels. I informed the participants of the meeting about the situation at the front. Particular emphasis was placed on the situation in Mariupol, where Russian troops caused a humanitarian catastrophe. I will note that all colleagues knew about the acts of genocide that the Russian occupiers staged in Bucha and other suburbs of Kyiv. Such a dialogue is important to ensure the full support of Ukraine and the approach of our victory," said Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov.