Address of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov to foreign partners and suppliers of weapons, ammunition and other products required by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

2022-03-17 18:18:00 | ID: 66935

For three weeks now, Ukraine has been defending itself against the russian aggressor. In our resistance we are driven by a sense of great patriotism and firm awareness of our rightness. We are defending the rights and freedoms of Ukraine and the world. We are confronting the aggressor with the support of the entire civilized world.

I thank all the states, international and non-governmental organizations that have provided, are providing, and will continue to provide any assistance to Ukraine, especially those who give us military-technical assistance.

By working together, we are stopping a terrorist of a global scale.

Unfortunately, as in any war, there are those who seek to profit from human suffering. Such characters introduce themselves as “advisers”, “assistants”, “heads of departments”, and even present fake “documents” to prove their “official positions”. As the Minister, I responsibly declare: all such persons are scum, looters and traitors who have nothing to do with the defense of Ukraine but work for their own and/or the enemy’s pockets.

With this in mind, I call on the international community to be vigilant and urge you to seek clarification of the powers of all “authorized persons” in the Embassies and offices of military attachés of Ukraine and to turn all these “lords of war” with fake documents over to law enforcement agencies.

I officially confirm that all military aid, down to the last bullet and penny, is and will continue to be used as intended – for the defense and protection of Ukraine from the russian occupiers. And the only right place for the looters is behind bars.

Together we will win!