Operational information on 06.00, 14.03.2022 regarding the russian invasion

2022-03-14 07:00:00 | ID: 66887

The nineteenth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the russian military invasion has begun.
Status, position and nature of actions of the defense forces are without significant changes. The Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted devastating blows on the rear infrastructure (field bases and warehouses) in order to disrupt the system of logistical support of the enemy in the territories of Ukraine temporarily occupied by the occupiers. During the previous day, four planes, three helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles were hit by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (information on the type is being clarified).
The occupying forces did not have significant success in conducting an offensive operation in all directions. The main efforts of the occupiers were focused on consolidating and retaining the previously occupied borders.
Repeated cases of the enemy's use of civilian infrastructure, including religious sites to equip firing positions, deploy weapons and military equipment, have been reported.
The moral and psychological state of the enemy remains low, which leads to the refusal of servicemen of the rf Armed Forces to carry out the orders of the command. According to available information, a military camp of the Belhorod Military Commandant's Office is located in the city of Belhorod on the territory of the russian federation. The camp holds russian servicemen who have been discharged from hospitals after treatment and are waiting to be sent to units. Also in the specified camp there are servicemen of the Armed Forces of the russian federation who refuse to take part in hostilities, with them actions of pre-judicial inquiry are carried out.
Regarding the readiness of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus to wage war with Ukraine. According to one of the high-ranking officials of the special operations forces of the Republic of Belarus, special forces of the Armed Forces of Belarus will not take part in the war with Ukraine.
Keep calm! Let's win together!
Glory to Ukraine!