Address by the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov

2022-03-12 11:51:00 | ID: 66867

This message will come as a surprise to many. However, I think it is essential.

I am not speaking as Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

And not even as a lawyer.

As a human who is convinced that every way must be used to defeat evil and prevent disaster.

I have been a member of the mind games movement for many years. Especially a game "What? Where? When?

I have had the honour of playing at the same table with amazing people more than once from different regions of Ukraine from other countries.

These people have in common not just a love of the game but a combination of a high level of intelligence and intuition.

I am addressing all members of the movement. First and foremost, of course, in Russia, Belarus and Israel. I will also be heard in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

I would especially like to address residents of Russia's intellectual centres - Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and other cities.

You, of all people, understand what is going on.

Your intuition probably tells you how it will all end.

You know exactly how to filter information.

You can find evidence online.

You know that Russia is shelling peaceful Ukrainian cities, killing women and children. In Mariupol alone, Russian occupants bombed a hospital and maternity hospital. Over a thousand and a half (!!!) civilians were killed in a fortnight (!!!). You know this.

This is not an "operation" - it is a war of aggression, which Russia will lose. It is already failing.

You know that the Ukrainian army has already killed thousands of Russian soldiers. Hundreds have surrendered. We are not hiding this information, and it is available.

For Russia, the war will end in disaster.

Many of you have now left Russia. You are hoping to sit out the troubled times from a distance. However, I am afraid you will have nowhere to go back to.

As intelligent and wise people, you probably know this better than I do. So just put those thoughts away.

For Belarus, if you give in to the pressure, it will also end in disaster. An even bigger one. Because Russia will definitely not care about you, and in Ukraine, you will be seen as traitors.

For Israel, which demonstrates an inexplicable detachment and unwillingness to choose sides, this will turn into an increase in mistrust for years to come. But, because we will stand tall, have no doubt with or without you.

What can you do?

You are very influential in your countries and your regions.

In Israel, you can be more proactive in expressing your position and shaping the right decisions.

In Belarus, you can keep your loved ones and acquaintances from following crazy orders.

In Russia, you can influence the mood in big cities. You certainly can. And you know it.

I am not urging you to shoot the FSB. Instead, make it clear to people that this is a criminal war that is killing your country.

Think about your position. You will no longer be able to trade freedom for comfort and conditional security.

You can't hide behind clever books.

There will be no freedom—neither personal nor intellectual.

There will be no comfort. And you won't find it in the West - your passport will arouse suspicion and contempt.

There will be no safety.

This is the moment when the fate of your country for decades to come is being decided: your personal destiny, the destiny of your loved ones.

You must do everything to immediately stop the Kremlin's military adventure, which has already taken thousands and thousands of lives.

Which makes Russia a pariah. Which condemns Russia to degradation.

You will not have science. Because today you cannot have science without exchange. You will not have culture. You cannot have a modern culture without mutual enrichment. You will not have the education. There will be no development. None.

You won't have rights and laws. There will be barracks routines.

All that will be left will be scraps. Null and void.

What will your children be taught?

Many talented people will be condemned to poverty and humiliation. More terrible than in the 1990s…

My country is under attack right now. There is a lot of grief around. But my country has a future.

We will overcome everything. We will rebuild everything. We will honour our heroes and build, create, give new life.

I am proud to be surrounded by young and mature Citizens defending their land. Men and women. With weapons in their hands, as free people. In their eyes is dignity, self-respect, strength.

What do you see in the eyes of those around you?

What do you see in the mirror?

The decision has to be made very quickly.

The minute goes by.