Our army stops a larger enemy, because it is motivated, better trained and armed – Oleksiy Reznikov

2022-03-10 21:30:00 | ID: 66856

«Dear Ukrainians!

Our resistance against the Russian intervention has already been going on for two weeks.

No one in the world believed that we would endure. Especially – that we would hold on for so long.

But we are not just holding on. We are already moving to counterattacks.

The enemy plans are broken. The whole world sees that and tries to comprehend the changes.

I am sincerely grateful to the men and women defending our country. To all members of the people’s resistance. To medics, rescuers, volunteers.

Together we are a force that cannot be defeated.

I want to talk to you about what is happening now and how we will win this war.

First. Having suffered devastating losses, the Russian invaders launched a terrorist war.

They behave like criminals and cowards. They kill and capture civilians, women and children.

As of 10 March, the number of Ukrainian civilians killed by Russian interventionists is bigger than the number of our military personnel from all defense corps killed in action. I want this to be heard not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world.

The Kremlin is bombing schools and hospitals, including maternity hospitals. Moscow does not protect anyone. It destroys.

They are not able to fight with our army, the national guard and territorial defense forces. So, they attack the most vulnerable ones.

We will avenge every Ukrainian. Every Russian terrorist will be held accountable for his crimes against humanity. We have the lists of those participating in the intervention as well as their accomplices, and these lists will be provided to all relevant institutions. No one will go unpunished for all the horrors and evil brought upon Ukraine and the world.

Our state leadership is now working to save the lives of our people. The priority is to organize humanitarian corridors to evacuate people from cities that suffer from the strongest attacks. First and foremost, this includes Mariupol, cities in Sumy Oblast and Kharkiv Oblast, some suburbs of Kyiv. This also includes the delivery of humanitarian cargo.

Everything possible is being done, given that the Russians are not keeping their word.

Second. We are working day and night to strengthen our army.

I will not comment on the supply of weapons. I can say that tens of thousands of helmets and bulletproof vests, medical supplies and other important things are on the move to Ukraine. I am constantly in touch with the command of the Armed Forces. Our army has enough fuel. Still, we are forming additional reserves and making reinforcements in all possible directions. We are placing additional orders with our manufacturers.

Third. As I have said before, over 100 thousand Ukrainians have joined the ranks of the territorial defense forces. Also, over 200 thousand of our citizens have returned from Europe to defend their homeland. Moreover, there are foreign volunteers who are willing to fight against Russian nazism.

I want to address all Ukrainians liable for military services.

Martial law has been declared in the state, and mobilization is underway. The command of the Armed Forces asks you not to lose contact. Stay in touch, do not get lost. The country needs you!

If you have moved together with your families to other regions of Ukraine, please inform the local recruitment and social support center.

No one will draft unprepared people to the army and send them to the front. This does not make any sense. Vice versa.

Being outnumbered, our army is still stopping enemy forces, because it is motivated, better trained and armed.

We will not win Russia by numbers. We will defeat it by quality.

Those who have the appropriate skills, weapons and equipment will be sent to combat units.

Just stay in contact with the local recruitment center at the place of your actual residence. This is necessary not only for defense purposes, but for the country and the economy as a whole. This allows us to understand all our possibilities and plan accordingly.

Fourth. Regarding the economy. The war significantly affects the state of our country. This year we will produce far less and harvest less crops. It is because we must not only liberate our fields from the enemy, but we also have to demine them. It takes time.

We will defeat Russia only if our economy will work and create respective capabilities for the defense.

Our partners and international financial organizations have announced significant amounts of support to Ukraine. After the victory, we will quickly restore everything that was destroyed.

But until victory comes, we will have to set in motion everything we can.

In Central and Eastern Ukraine, additional production sites working for the defense sector will be deployed. Civilian industries from risk zones will also transfer parts of their capabilities.

I appeal to those who were forced to move to other regions: please, do not try to wait out. Don`t just count on your savings. Look for a job.

State authorities are doing everything possible to help the regions adapt to new realities. There will be direct support programs for people. A strong rear is a key to a strong defense. Everything that can work and prosper should definitely do so.

Receive your salary, pay for utilities, try not to fall out of economic processes if possible.

We understand that many of you are going through very tough times. We ask you to do what you can.

Special emphasis is now placed on logistics. This means not only military cargo, but also humanitarian aid and ordinary goods. The country must not come to a halt where possible.

Fifth. International sanctions are having a really strong impact on the situation in Russia. Our army is doing a huge amount of work to make war as unpopular as possible among the Russians.

But we must look at things realistically. We are nearing our victory with all available forces. However, no one can say for sure when Russia will reach its breaking point. It may happen later than we would like to.

We must be prepared. We must not merely survive but learn to live in new conditions. Restart the defense sector and the country as a whole.

Then the enemy will not have a single chance to defeat us.

I do not want to tell you about the experience of other countries that endured in similar circumstances.

We know various examples. But now we all need to get used to the fact that we ourselves are an example and role model. For Europe. For the world. And a very dignified one.

Hold the line. Support your loved ones. Let us move towards victory.

Glory to Ukraine!»