Address by the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov

2022-03-06 11:19:00 | ID: 66805

10 days, 4 hours and 20 minutes. Ukraine defends the world.

We continue to fight against the enemy. Russian invaders couldn’t destroy us. They couldn’t break us. And they will not do this! The AFU, TDF forces, every volunteer fighter, every Ukrainian citizen continues to defend our country our lives.

We have put the country's economy on a war footing.

Manufacturers and factories continue to work, fulfilling military orders, repairing equipment, and turning war trophies into weapons. To fight, the country has to work, everyone in their place. So if you have been forced to evacuate - get a job in a new home - your help is needed everywhere.

Situations on positions are under our control. Of course, we have losses. But, we will never forget every name, every Hero of our country, as we will never forget every killer. We do understand the value of life and the value of freedom. The life of every Ukrainian – valueless.

In certain areas, our soldiers launch counterattacks, and the enemy loses dozens of vehicles, simply leaving them and escaping. Thereby replenishing our "fleet" of vehicles. Then, finally, the enemy will be killed by their weapons.

The Kremlin does not yet want to accept and admit its fiasco. But this time is close.

Dissatisfaction and demoralisation amongst the occupying troops are increasing. Then, finally, an acknowledgement comes to them, as it did to some Russian oligarchs.

There are more and more cases of unwillingness to fight.


The enemy continues to suffer substantial losses. Nearly 90 aircraft and helicopters have been destroyed. They are being shot down by anti-aircraft warfare systems, marines and cyborgs all over the country. Several enemy pilots have been taken prisoner - they are important witnesses at the upcoming court-martial. While someone is afraid to close the skies in Ukraine - our army is doing its job and destroying the enemy.

Were defeated the most enemy's combat-ready units: in Kyiv and Kharkiv, the enemy was stopped. In Mykolaiv, the enemy has been repulsed. Odesa is our strategic reserve. Replenishment of enemy forces will become increasingly complex, the quality of the replenishment will be even worse.

The Kremlin has definitively rejected attempts to hide its intentions - they have come to destroy our country, to kill our people. They will lose.

They are fighting against women and children. They have not defeated the soldiers defending Kharkiv - they have started a war with the University of Kharkiv. The Russians are ordinary terrorists. And terrorists will be destroyed.

The enemy is resisting, but we are doing our best to provide humanitarian corridors, get our people out of the shelling, and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid. We are not leaving anyone behind and will be back very soon.

Today, Ukraine continues to defend the freedom of the world: Ukrainian children and women save your children and women at the cost of their lives while you close the sky. Our men save you at the cost of their lives. But, at the same time, you are afraid to close the sky. We long ago stopped being fearful of the artificially created picture of "great russia". And the whole world should stop think this way!

We are fighting as hard as we can. Victory is near! Victory, like truth, is with us!

Glory to Ukraine!