The Armed Forces of Ukraine conduct accreditation of mass media to cover Russia’s military crimes

2022-03-04 19:20:00 | ID: 66780

In order to provide informational coverage for the events of Ukraine’s protection during the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, to deliver timely, truthful and substantive information about Russia’s military crimes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting accreditation of the national and foreign mass media representatives.

To receive a digital press-card, journalists have to fill the form and send necessary documents, listed in the form.

After all the information verified, journalists will receive the digital version of the press-card for presenting to military or law enforcers.

In the event of violation of journalist activity terms, revealing confidential information or handing over the press-card to another person, accreditation of the journalist could be terminated without right to renew.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine recall the necessity to use means of individual protection and do not expose your life and health to danger. As Russia is waging war against Ukraine and using weapons prohibited by international conventions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not bear responsibility for life and health of the media representatives during their visits to the war zone.

Please note that if you need to verify the validity of accreditation, you can do that by calling the following number 0894201864.