Operative information on situation in JFO area as of 14.00 February 17, 2022

2022-02-17 14:44:00 | ID: 66525

Today, the Russian occupation forces shelled STANYTSIA LUHANSKA, Luhansk region. Terrorists fired 32 shots from 122mm heavy artillery systems. The building of kindergarten with children was damaged. Also, the infrastructure was damaged and a half of the locality was left with no power.

According to preliminary information, three workers of the kindergarten got concussions.

In addition, the Russian forces shelled VRUBIVKA. A school building with pupils and teachers was damaged. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Also, a gas pipeline was damaged, and 70 apartments and 100 private houses were left without gas.

As of 14.00 February 17, 2022, the Ukrainian Defence Forces recorded 34 ceasefire violations committed by the Russian occupation forces, 28 of which by using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements.

The Russian occupational forces shelled:

NOVOTOSHKIVSKE from 122mm artillery, 120mm mortars and tripod-mounted anti-tank grenade launchers.

VODIANE from 120mm mortars, tripod-mounted anti-tank grenade launchers and automatic grenade launchers.

TRUDIVSKE from fired from 82mm mortar.

STAROHNATIVKA from 120 and 82mm mortars, automatic grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.

STARYI AIDAR and MARIINKA from 120mm mortars.

PIVDENNE, MAIORSK from 82mm mortars and automatic grenade launchers.

LOBACHEVE from 82 mm mortars.

NOVOSELIVKA DRUGA from anti-tank missile systems.

LUHANSKE from 122mm artillery and 120mm mortars.

MARIINKA from 120mm mortars.

SVITLODARSK from 120mm mortars and heavy machine guns.

TROITSKE from tank and 120 and 82mm mortars.

POPASNA from tripod-mounted anti-tank grenade launchers.

ZAICEVE from automatic grenade launchers.


NOVOZVANIKA from 152mm artillery.

STANYTSIA LUHANSKA from 122mm artillery, 120 and 82mm mortars and automatic grenade launchers.

PISKY from 82mm mortars and tripod-mounted anti-tank grenade launchers.

HOLMIVSKYI from 120mm mortars and automatic grenade launchers.

KHRIASHCHIVKA from 122mm artillery.

As a result of enemy’s action, one Ukrainian soldier was wounded. He is in medical facility; his health condition is moderately severe.

According to preliminary information, two civilians were wounded as a result of enemy’s shelling.

It should be noted that the enemy continues to use propagandistic methods of hybrid war to accuse the Armed Forces of shelling civilians and hide own insidious actions.

Ukrainian Forces fired in response to suppress enemy’s activity, strictly adhering to the Minsk agreements.