Centre for Operative Information provides an overview of events in the JFO area during period February 7-13, 2022

2022-02-14 12:00:00 | ID: 66458

An overview of the main events in the JFO area and the situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions during the period January 7-13, 2022.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine military retain full control over the situation and are ready to any scenarios.

The Ukrainian positions remain intact. The AFU continue conducting their mission of defeat and deterring the Russian aggression in the Joint Operation area.

The unprecedented military technical aid from our partners has significantly increased our capabilities. Our soldiers are training using the new defence weapons. The deployment of the Territorial Defence Forces is gaining momentum. A great number of citizens training measures are taking place.

The situation in the JFO area is stable.

The enemy conducted disturbing fire all along the frontline, provoking fire in response by the Ukrainian forces.

The Ukrainian Defence Forces recorded 34 ceasefire violations committed by the Russian occupation forces. One shelling was conducted using a 120mm mortar - weapon prohibited by the Minsk agreements.

The enemy used UAV five times to drop VOG-17 grenades; the Russian UAVs crossed the frontline two times to gather intelligence data.

The Ukrainian Defence Forces conducted fires in response using weapons non-prohibited by the Minsk agreements. The occupants had to stop their firing activity.

Two Ukrainian soldiers were injured. They were brought to medical facilities to receive proper treatment.

Defence Intelligence of MoD reports

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine continues to monitor activity of the Russian forces along the Ukraine’s border, in the Republic of Belarus and in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

An exchange of information with the international partners is being conducted in real time. All the reported events are expected and occur according to the earlier predictions.

On February 10, the active phase of the Russia-Belarus exercises started and will last until February 20. The units from the Eastern and Central military districts of the Russian Federation arrived to Belarus.

We do everything to control the situation.

The units of the 1st (Donetsk) and the 2nd (Luhansk) Army Corps of the operational group of the Russian occupational forces continue to increase their combat training. The enemy focuses on cohesion of the companies and batteries.

In particular, a fire training and driving exercises with artillery, tank and motorized units were conducted. At the same time, some enemy units were brought to the high level of combat readiness for inspection.

The control over the combat training measures and inspection of military personnel were conducted by the higher command representatives of the Russian Federation Armed Forces. 

The Command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continues manning the units of the 1st (Donetsk) and the 2nd (Luhansk) Army Corps. Besides that, the results of the agitation campaign of the military commissariats of the Russian occupational administrations remain unsatisfactory.  Hence, the enemy started recruiting through the recruiting centers network on the territory of the Russian Federation and sending men across the border areas uncontrolled by Ukraine.

At the same time, social tensions in the localities of temporary stay of the Russian mercenaries are being observed. This is due to the multiple confrontations between the so-called volunteers and locals, including use of weapons.

Another example of “specific” morale of the occupants is an incident occurred on February 10 in the 7th Separate Motorized Brigade of the 2nd Army Corps of the Russian occupational forces.

A person under the influence of narcotics shot his comrades. As a result, two were dead and two injured.    

The Ukrainian side of the JCCC reports

The Joint Centre for Control and Coordination reports violations of the Minsk agreements by the Russian forces in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The last week the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission observers recorded 287 military vehicles of the Russian forces on the temporarily occupied territories that were allocated in violation of the Minks agreements. Among them were tanks, anti-tank guns, AFVs, self-propelled howitzers, MLRS, armoured command vehicles, trenching machines, etc.

Work of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in the temporarily occupied territories was impeded multiple times by the Russian forces.

A short-range SMM UAV was:

- shot at from small arms during the flight near STAROMYKHAILIVKA.

- affected by the enemy electronic warfare systems near STAROMYKHAILIVKA and LOSOVE.

Violations by the occupants show military preparations to create preconditions for further tension escalation on the frontline and attempt to conceal their criminal activity from international observers.

Today we have the most powerful army in Ukraine for the last 15 years and the most powerful army in Europe. The Army is led by officers and generals. The AFU are absolutely ready to rebuff the threat and will not give Ukrainian land.     

Glory to Ukraine!

Centre for Operative Information