Estonia provided Armed Forces of Ukraine with Role 2 field hospital

2022-02-08 16:23:00 | ID: 66378

Today on February 8, the Republic of Estonia provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Role 2 field hospital. Minister of Defence of the Republic of Estonia Kalle Laanet, Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Hanna Maliar and Ambassador of the Republic of Germany to Estonia Christine Hohmann took part in the signing ceremony at the naval base of the Defence Forces of Estonia.

The Ukrainian delegation was solemnly presented a symbolic key from the field hospital. Hanna Maliar on behalf of Ukraine expressed gratitude for such joint present from Estonia and Germany.

‘The support in the medical sphere is very important for us. The Russian-Ukrainian war has been lasting for eight years in Ukraine. Thirteen thousand Ukrainian citizens died. Thirty thousand were injured during the war. And, judging by all of that, Putin has no intention of ending this war. We highly appreciate the support provided by Germany and Estonia in healing our wounded soldiers and in the military medicine sphere. At the same time we want to reduce the number of wounded and so we hope that the weapon procurement for Ukraine will be unlocked in the NATO Support and Procurement Agency,’ Hanna Maliar addressed to the attendees.

In his turn, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Estonia expressed words of support to Ukraine for its unfaltering position in standing for its sovereignty and territorial integrity and also for Euro-Atlantic aspiration of our state.

Ukraine was provided Role 2 field hospital made in Estonia for faster deployment and usage in the field which provides medical aid at the brigade level. All modules can be deployed within 20 minutes. The modules can be used separately as well as together to deploy the hospital.

Recall that in December of the previous year Commander of the Medical Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Brigadier General Tatiana Ostashchenko took part in the conference and demonstration of the modern field hospital Role 2. Also the issue of abroad professional training of the UAF medical personnel was discussed so they could work in such hospitals.