Hanna Maliar met with members of Parliament of United Kingdom

2022-02-04 12:48:00 | ID: 66375

Deputy Minister of Defence Hanna Maliar had a meeting with the members of Parliament of the United Kingdom of Scotland National Party during which they discussed the existing security situation in Ukraine and the instrument of deterring the Russian aggression against our state and member states and partners of the Euro-Atlantic community.

As part of delegation of the United Kingdom Parliament a head of the delegation, member of the Joint Declaration of the Friend of Ukraine group Stuart MacDonald, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson of the Scottish National Party Alyn Smith and a Special Committee Member on Defence of the Scottish National Party Dave Doogan visited the MoD of Ukraine.

During the meeting the sides exchanged thoughts on the main courses of development of the co-operation to secure the European region. Hanna Maliar expressed gratitude to the United Kingdom for its political support of Ukraine in restoration of territorial integrity, promotion of the defence reform and also for the aid with the light anti-tank weapon systems that were delivered to the AFU by the Government of the United Kingdom.

‘During the meeting we felt an absolute support from our British partners and their profound knowledge of the Ukraine’s problems in the defence and security spheres. It is important and valuable position of the MPs who assured us that the United Kingdom supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and is ready to take necessary measures for the Ukrainian and European security. Our partners have a clear understanding that Russia’s aggressive actions pose a threat no only to Ukraine but to all European space. And we appreciate such co-operation and emphasise that Ukrainian side is open for discussion of the vide variety of issues,’ Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Hanna Maliar commented on the meeting with the representatives of the United Kingdom.