President’s Decree creates fundament and launches set of reforms for transition to professional army – Oleksii Reznikov

2022-02-02 09:15:00 | ID: 66295

Decree of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi № 36/2022 “On the first-priority measures towards strengthening the nation’s defence capabilities, the attractiveness of military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and gradual transition to professional army” signed on January 1, 2022, is another systematic step in the context of increase of Ukraine’s defence capabilities.

According to the Decree, a number of reforms are planned to be implemented before 2025 to increase the size of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, significantly boost motivation for military service by strengthening social protection of servicemen and their families, provide transparent military career development mechanism, increase salaries, solve housing problems etc.

‘Today’s President’s Decree is a reaction to the challenges that lay before our country. They are changing. Russia explicitly threats with a full-scale escalation. We have additional 1000 kilometres of the borderline to protect. The President set a task to propose such army model considering our capabilities that no one in Kremlin would even think of attacking Ukraine. This task has a very practical consideration. If our state is to be considered as one that is constantly under a threat of ruinous incursion, it will slow the development. We cannot provide enough resources. To minimize the probability of military scenarios we need not only modern weapons but also a numerous, professional and motivated army. With that we could keep all the perimeter of the state border and potentially dangerous direction safe,’ said Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov.

In particular, the Decree contains instructions for gradual increase of the size of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the period of 2022-2025 by 100,000 personnel to increase the state’s defence capabilities. One of the reform elements is a transition to a system of intensive military training and departure from the military conscription from January 1, 2024.


‘It is a task for four years. Today the Ukraine’s Army consists of three main categories of servicemen. The first one is the professional servicemen, officers and sergeants who received professional education. The second is the contract servicemen who serve from six months to several years. And the last is the young persons who were conscripted. These people have different training, different motivation and different view on what place the army takes in their lives. To rebuff the enemy we need a professional army and a format of mobilization reserve training. The President set a task, and we prepared vision of a model where the conscription remains on the first stage but an alternative short-term (3-4 months) intensive military training is introduced. Having completed such training young people would not be conscripted. Instead they will receive basic military skills. From January 1, 2024, we are planning to fully replace the conscription with the short-term intensive training by gradually increasing the number of involved people and maintaining their skills by periodic exercises and musters. Today we already have calculations and considerations of different models to comply the Decree. To implement abovementioned steps the Government will shortly propose a set of necessary draft laws and bylaws. We hope the Parliament to be unanimous on these issues,’ noted Oleksii Reznikov.