Procedure for co-operation with journalists in Joint Forces Operation area

2022-01-25 12:18:28 | ID: 66185

Mass media representatives!

These are procedures to ease your work in the Joint Forces Operation area:

  1. Every Friday until 16.00 the Press of the Joint Forces makes a list for the next week of mass media representatives who want to work in the Joint Forces Operation area.

For the fast and good work of the journalist groups the following information is duly required to be sent to [email protected]:

-Name of the mass media;

-First name, last name and patronymic of the mass media representative and his escort, including their offices (journalist, translator, camera operator etc.);

-Press pass number;  

-Model, colour and licence plate number of the car;

-First name, last name, patronymic and passport serial number of the driver;

-List of localities that are planned to work in;

-Period of stay (with dates) in the JFO area.

  1. The list of selected mass media representatives will be sent by telegram to the military command bodies and military units.
  2. Respective official will be appointed at every defined object of the Joint Forces to organise work of civil journalists and mass media workers.  

At the same time, in case of the rapid changes of the situations in the JFO area or unpredicted events that could occur with national or foreign journalists (changes in shooting team, transport, routes etc.), the Press of the Joint Forces can form special additional lists for mass media representatives for their immediate work.