Defensive equipment and ammunition: another shipment arrived to Boryspil from US

2022-01-25 22:00:00 | ID: 66194

Another shipment of the international technical support from the United States to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of the support package in the amount of 200 million dollars has arrived.

Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov welcomed the shipment that includes anti-tank missile launchers Javelin and ammunition for them.

‘Javelins have arrived to Kyiv! Another shipment of support package – launchers and missiles – with total mass of 80 tons. Awaiting the fourth bird to arrive. We thank our strategic partners,’ commented Oleksii Reznikov on Twitter.

Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Rostyslav Zamlynskii and United States Ambassador to Ukraine Kristina Kvien met the plane with support package in the Boryspil International Airport.

The Deputy Minister of Defence expressed gratitude for the consistent support of Ukraine and stated that co-operation with the US will be increasing.

‘It is great honour to be present at this another step of our co-operation and support increase. We know it will grow, and with you and your support we will bolster it,’ noted Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Rostyslav Zamlynskii. ’Thank you for your support in our fight for freedom and sovereignty. Our enemy is strong, but we know that we and our partners are stronger.’

In her response, United States Ambassador to Ukraine Kristina Kvien emphasized that the United States, the partners and the allies are on Ukraine’s side and working on speeding-up of receiving of support packages by Ukraine.

Also she cited US President Joe Biden concerning consequences if Russia will continue its aggression against Ukraine, ‘If any Russian units move across Ukrainian border, that is an invasion. But it will be met with severe and coordinated economic response that I’ve discussed in detail with our allies.’

‘I have been visiting the Ukrainian Armed Forces units, National Guard and State Border Guard Service of Ukraine across the country for two years. And from my experience, they are disciplined, trained and well supplied. I want to note that the Russian soldiers who will invade Ukraine by Kremlin’s order will face tough resistance, and Russian will have immense losses. If President Putin takes this reckless step, we will provide even more technical support to Ukraine then we have given,’ said Kristina Kvien.

United States Ambassador to Ukraine noted that diplomacy is in favour, during which negotiations with the NATO partners and Ukraine are conducted. Also, such support shipments will continue in future.

Furthermore Kvien stated that this year’s US support has been the largest since 2014. In 2022 more that 650 millions of dollars of security support were provided and more than 2.7 billion dollars since 2014.

‘We know that Russian uses cyber attacks, false flag operations and other methods of aggression. And we must be on the lookout and make sure to check out the source before reporting the news. Let’s not allow Russia to use an operation under someone else’s flag to launch an operation against Ukraine. Despite everything that is happening, the United States supports Ukraine. We prefer diplomatic way, but whatever was Russia chooses, we will be ready to defend Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine!’ Kristina Kvien concluded.