Defence Intelligence of MoD reports

2022-01-25 09:00:00 | ID: 66180

The Russian occupation forces units continue conducting active military training exercises in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Units of the 1st (Donetsk) and 2nd (Luhansk) Army Corps are conducting tactical and fire training, as well as artillery fire control training this week, as a part of the so-called "One Day of Fire."

Furthermore, the occupants are carrying out engineering work on the front line positions in order to restore fortifications while also constructing mine barriers, using the prohibited by the international conventions Russian-made anti-personnel mines. At the same time, high intensity of such efforts, a lack of co-operation among the enemy units, and inclement weather result in an increase in the number of the enemy personnel exploding on their own mines.

Defence Intelligence of Ministry of Defence of Ukraine