The statement of Ukraine’s defense minister Andrii Taran

2021-04-10 11:00:00 | ID: 62293

“The spring of 2021 is an obvious reminder of the situation that when the aggressor is declaring a non-aggression pact, there is always a necessity to look for the secret part of the protocols. Moscow has never been reluctant enough to hide the manual in terms of how to interpret the “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”. What is more today, when the digital era is at its peak of development, the Kremlin strategists are trying to benefit from the outdated scenario of the “Gleiwitz radio station”.

The Russian propaganda machine is trying to disseminate horror stories aimed at the population of our temporary occupied territories about the allegedly aggressive intentions of the defense forces of Ukraine and the preparation of any particular offensive. “The militarization” of the informational environment, statements on renewing combat activities and the videos with echelons of military hardware and equipment of the Russian Federation moving towards the areas that are in the proximity of the Ukrainian state border are to stir up and disseminate panic among the population of Ukraine, whilst frightening the international community.

At the same time, the actual goals of building up of military presence by the Russian Federation alongside the Ukrainian border and at the temporary occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, might be the increase of pressure on Ukraine for the purpose of forcing it to yield in the course of the negotiation process, whilst demonstrating to our international partners, including the prominent Western countries, the readiness and preparedness to use armed force against Ukraine. This force is considered by Russia as a final argument to achieve its strategic goals, in case all the other means will turn out to be ineffective. The strategic aim of the Russian Federation in terms of Ukraine, however, remains regaining and restoring control and preventing us from further Euro-Atlantic development.

The formal pretext to newly engage in terms of active armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine could be both, the deliberately provoked increase of tension of the environment in the area of conflict as well as the accusations of Ukraine in terms of violating the rights of the Russian speaking or the “newly converted” citizens of Russia by issuing and disseminating passports of the Russian Federation en masse. At the same time, it is worth mentioning, that the engaging armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine is solely possible under the conditions of taking and approving the appropriate political decision at the highest level in the Kremlin.

Ukraine — is a peace loving state, that is protecting itself from the aggression of the Russian Federation. Our defense forces are firmly holding the lines of defense, in order to make sure that the fire and flames of the “fraternal love” of the Russian Federation are not transferred to our peaceful territories, making time and providing arguments for politicians and diplomats to force the aggressor-state leave Ukraine. The flames of hostilities incendiated by Russia are only to be tamed in a political and diplomatic manner. Ukraine initially aims at a civilized way of returning its temporarily occupied territories. However, there should be no compromise in terms of standing for the interests of Ukraine.

The common efforts of our military and diplomats in Ukraine and at the international arena constrain the Russian Federation from full-scale combat activities for many years by now, yet the events of the last two weeks clearly demonstrate that these efforts are to be increased. First and foremost, it includes the increase and intensification of sanctions against the Russian Federation, a closer cooperation in terms of exchanging reconnaissance and intelligence data, particularly in the Black Sea area, and cohesive activity of our diplomats within the framework of all international platforms in terms of condemning the aggressive actions of Kremlin leadership, that could have devastating and destructive consequences both for the European security system and the global community as such.

The Russian Federation is to understand that any active aggression and escalation in terms of the security environment will lead to a clear and strong response of the international community. The most convincing and effective mechanism to present the firm, sustainable and uncompromised position of the international community to Moscow’s officials, particularly of the European and Euro-Atlantic countries as for supporting Ukraine, is accelerating the execution of the decision of the NATO 2008 Bucharest summit as for our membership within the Alliance. In the course of the last seven years Ukraine has made significant steps on this way, which was evidently proven by granting us the status of a NATO Enhanced opportunities partner last summer. We consider the receival of the Alliances membership action Plan this year as the main element of continuity in terms of this process. It is the utmost and highest priority of the Ukrainian political leadership to fortify and strengthen the defense capabilities of our state. Euro Atlantic integration is the cornerstone for sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. This decision will be beneficial both for Ukraine and NATO.