Three U.S. B-52s Fly Mission Over Ukraine’s Sea of Azov Coast

2020-09-04 20:25:00 | ID: 59536

The U.S. strategic bombers, tracking online, have flown inside Ukrainian airspace and operated quite close to the border with Crimea.

One week after taking part in the one-day Allied Sky mission that saw 6 B-52s flying over the capitals of the 30 NATO countries, the BUFFs of the 5th Bomb Wing, from Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, and deployed to RAF Fairford as part of BTF (Bomber Task Force) 20-4, have carried out another pretty interesting mission.

Launching from the UK shortly before 07.30LT on Sept. 4, 2020, three B-52s, #61-0034,#60-0005 and #60-0044, call signs “JULIA 51-52-53”, flew all the way to Ukraine.

Two of the three bombers had their Mode-S transponder turned on, allowing them to be tracked during their trip toward the Black Sea region. Interestingly, the aircraft flew towards the Sea of Azov, then orbited for some minutes before heading north towards Kiev.

The Aviationist