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Technical inspection of the de-occupied territories of the Kherson region before demining: sappers of the State Transport Special Service are successfully using modern drones provided by Danish partners 18 september 2023, 17:20

By using modern drones given to Ukraine by Danish partners, military service members scan contaminated territories, namely agricultural land, and detect magnetic anomalies.

For the first time, the Ukrainian military joined the American training program for officers on the protection of cultural heritage. They also held a series of bilateral meetings with the partners 18 september 2023, 12:05

Six Ukrainian officers successfully completed a training program organized by the United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command and the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative.

The Music of Friendship: For the first time in the history of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a joint concert of the National Presidential Band of Ukraine and the United States Air Force Band was played 18 september 2023, 09:05

This is the quintessence of a new level of long-term partnership between the two military creative bands. It was a special opportunity to express gratitude to the American people for their partnership and unwavering support of Ukraine in our.

We must reach a point when all children in our country have their own family, their own home - address by the President of Ukraine 17 september 2023, 20:23

I wish you health, fellow Ukrainians! I would like to express gratitude today. To everyone who defends the sky of our country. Our pilots and engineers of the Air Force, warriors of mobile fire groups, all our anti-aircraft gunners.

Our task is to provide Ukraine with all the opportunities to produce weapons and ammunition to have reliable protection against aggression – address of the President 16 september 2023, 19:00

I wish you good health, dear Ukrainian men and women! Today is a meaningful day – we are preparing for a strong second half of September.

The Accelerator of the Ministry of Defence, together with defence industry associations/clusters, will prepare the list of top issues for the leadership of the Ministry and will be developing mutual expert cooperation" - Volodymyr Havrylov 16 september 2023, 12:18

This was emphasized by the Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, the Director of the Accelerator of the Ministry of Defence, Volodymyr Havrylov, during a meeting with the leaders of nine leading associations/clusters of the National Defence.

At a meeting in the Ministry of Defence, the Association of Defence Industry Enterprises considered the actions of the State Audit Service of Ukraine as not in line with the reality, that is not in line with the state of war 16 september 2023, 11:00

During a meeting at the Ministry of Defence organized by the Accelerator of the Ministry of Defence, representatives of associations/clusters of the National Defence Industry emphasized the need for an urgent solution to the problem created by the.

Europe always wins when treaties work and promises are kept – address of President of Ukraine 15 september 2023, 21:36

I wish you good health, dear Ukrainian men and women! I had a phone call with President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. Restrictive measures against our agricultural exports by the European Union have been cancelled.

"We are interested in transparent relationships with partners, and we will be ready to demonstrate the level everything is organised in Ukraine" - Volodymyr Havrylov 15 september 2023, 16:03

Deputy Minister of Defence Volodymyr Havrylov said this while commenting on information about additional measures by the USA to monitor aid provided to Ukraine in the security sector. The main part of the technical and logistical aid comes from the.

The first week as the Minister of Defense of Ukraine: Rustem Umerov has summarised the results and outlined the priorities 14 september 2023, 22:23

The Minister of Defence of Ukraine Rustem Umerov outlined the main strategic goals, vision and priorities of the Ministry. In particular, a warrior is the highest value, and therefore must be provided with everything necessary.