«Ministry of Defence Ukraine. 100 days of Government activity: what has been done?» - Minister of Defence of Ukraine Andrii Taran

2020-06-12 15:00:00 | ID: 58140

During one hundred days of my work in the Government of Ukraine as the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, the main attention was paid to the main task — to ensure high defence capability of the country.

Unfortunately, all our work takes place not only during the ongoing aggression of the Russian Federation, but also during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nonetheless, we managed to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 infection in the units which are deployed to the Joint Forces operation area.

Speaking of our achievements, it is worth noting the establishment of the C2 structure of the Armed Forces, compatible with C2 structures of NATO member states.

Our goal remains the same — full-fledged NATO membership. Defence reform is subordinated to it. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are developing in this direction. The main directions of the defence reform will be reflected in the Military Security Strategy of Ukraine and the Strategic Defence Bulletin.

A program for the transition to modern armament is being developed, which will be based on a scientific approach to assessing the threats and steps taken towards the rearmament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The implementation of this program will provide an opportunity to adequately respond to current challenges and threats.

In this context, it is necessary to note the support of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine by our foreign partners.

New channels of communication with the society, military and veterans of military service are being created. The public opinion poll on possible ways to increase the attractiveness of military service and ways to improve the social support of servicemen and women, as well as their families is coming to an end.

We remember the instruction of the President of Ukraine — the basis of the Ukrainian army should be professional, well-trained, respectively armed and motivated service personnel.

I believe that all this work will allow us to achieve a certain goal and peace will come to the Ukrainian land.

Glory to Ukraine!

Minister of Defence of Ukraine Andrii Taran