Russian occupation troops used UAV to shell civilian correspondents near Krasnohorivka settlement

2020-04-07 16:52:00 | ID: 56799

On April 7, the Russian occupation troops have once again fired at Ukrainian defenders near Krasnohorivka settlement. The enemy used an unmanned aerial vehicle to drop VOG-17 (40mm rifle-fired grenade).

As a result of the UAV attack, the car of a camera crew of one of TV channels was damaged. The grenade exploded a few meters from the vehicle, causing shrapnel to hit the side window and the car body. Civilian media representatives and Public Affairs officer of one of the JFO units were at that time in the car. Fortunately, neither media representatives, nor PA officer were injured.

Such criminal actions of the Russian occupants states one more time that the enemy deliberately violates the ceasefire regime and blatantly disregards norms of the International Humanitarian Law.

JFO Press Centre