Our present and future are Euro-Atlantic integration and consistent defence reform in Ukraine in accordance with NATO standards, - Andrii Taran

2020-04-07 11:30:00 | ID: 56792

Recently, the democratic community has celebrated the 71st anniversary of the establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The uniqueness of this security organization is that it is based on the rule of law and human rights.

The Minister of Defence of Ukraine Andrii Taran, on behalf of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, congratulated the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty on this occasion.

“NATO has been maintaining security in the Euro-Atlantic region for all this time.

All 30 NATO allies are united in a collective defence system based on shared democratic values and military standards.

For Ukraine, the history of NATO relations is a path of special and mutually beneficial partnership, which we sincerely appreciate.

We always carry out our tasks together in peacekeeping operations and improve the training of troops during multinational exercises.

Ukraine was the first to contribute to NATO Response Force, and now the Alliance is committed to supporting our country in restoring its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Our present and future are Euro-Atlantic integration and consistent defence reform in Ukraine in accordance with NATO standards. This will enhance our combat readiness and interoperability with Alliance’s troops to protect national interests and ensure stability in the region.

We will continue to follow this path together with our friends — all NATO member states to achieve the strategic goal of Ukraine, which is enshrined in the Constitution”, — noted the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Andrii Taran in his congratulations.