Marines has conducted staff exercise in accordance with NATO procedures

2020-04-07 09:50:00 | ID: 56785

Two-stage command and staff exercise has already begun with a Separate Marine Brigade. The peculiarity of the exercise is that it is conducted in accordance with NATO procedures. In particular, the C2 task over the units of the Marine Brigade as part of a tactical naval landing force on isolated terrain is being worked out.

Exercises encompass the use of the Armed Forces Integration Platform “Delta”, as well as modern Harris radio stations and videoconferencing.

It is important that, the brigade has passed a training course at the National Defence University of Ukraine, as well as on the basis of a Joint Training Centre with the participation of foreign instructors within the framework of the “Operation UNIFIER” training mission.

The exercise is focused on improving the practical skills of the personnel of the Separate Marine Brigade in performing their functional duties, as well as directly command and control of the units in the course of their combat missions.

It should be noted that all measures are being taken with a regard to the anti-epidemiological requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

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