Ministry of Defense plans to procure approx 3 thousand missile systems and missiles to them worth more than 2 billion UAH

2020-02-21 16:19:00 | ID: 55893

Compared to 2019, funding for the missile program has been increased by UAH 300 million this year. In particular, in 2020, the completion of state testing of the “Neptune” and "Vilkha’ complexes is planned and their full funding is ensured.

When adopted, procurement of serial samples will be conducted.

In addition, it is planned to purchase approx 3,000 missiles complexes and missiles to them worth over UAH 2.4 billion, taking into account state guarantees.

According to the assignment of the President of Ukraine, establishment of the program of the Multifunctional Missile Complex (MFMC) is ongoing.

The concept of the Program is currently being externally approved.

As was earlier informed, on February 18, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine approved a State Defense Order for 2020 (SDO), which, in the interests of the Ministry of Defense and on the basis of needs identified by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, provides UAH 21.25 billion for these measures.

The SDO 2020 defines the following priorities:

— Navy — development and supply of anti-ship missile complex “Neptune”, modernization of the frigate “Hetman Sahaidachnyi”, “Island” class boats, supply of helicopters, combat armored vehicles;

— Air Defense troops — renovation of air defense missile systems, supply of radar installations, deployment of automated aviation and air defense C2 systems;

— tactical aviation — extension of delivery of upgraded MiG-29, Su-27, Su — 25 jets;

— Land Forces — development and supply of new samples of rocket and artillery armament, armored vehicles, automotive vehicles, helicopters, unmanned aerial complexes, EW stations, sniper weapons.

It should be emphasized that the State Defense Order is formed according to the priority needs of the troops, on the basis of the legal framework in this field, taking into account the capabilities of the defense-industrial complex and within the limits of allocated volumes of financing.