Weekly update of the situation in the operation area of the Joint Forces from03 to 09 February 2020 (Video)

2020-02-10 15:13:00 | ID: 55636

Welcome to the Press Center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Here is the weekly update of the situation in the operation area of the Joint Forces from 03 to 09 February 2020.

1. Disregarding the decrease in the number of the ceasefire violations over the past week, Russian occupation troops on a daily basis shelled Ukrainian positions with heavy armament which should be withdrawn from the front line in accordance with the Minsk agreements. Most of the ceasefire violations with the use of heavy weapons were recorded near Orihove settlement on Luhansk direction.  The enemy shelled the JFO positions with 152 mm and122 mm artillery systems, as well as 120 mm and 82 mm mortars. Occupation troops also used antitank missiles, grenade launchers, small arms and other infantry weapons.

Over the past week, from 03 to 09 February 202059 ceasefire violations were recorded.


On February 03, the enemy fired 82 mm and 120 mm mortars against the JFO positions near Novotoshkivske, Pavlopil and Orihove settlements.  

On February 04, the Russian occupation troops continued to use 82 mm and 120 mm mortars, firing 14 82 mm mines and 48 120 mm mines against Ukrainian positions near Novotoshkivske and Orihove settlements.

Over the course of February 05 and 06the enemy shelled our positions near Orihove settlement with 120 mm mortars.  

One more time, on February 07in a flagrant violation of the Minsk agreements, the enemy fired 122 mm artillery systems, as well as 120 mm and 82 mm mortars against positions of Ukrainian defenders near Orihove seetlement. Taking into account the fact that occupation troops conducted shelling from civilian residential areas of temporarily occupied Berezivske settlement, there were no fire in response from the JFO forces.   

Over the course of February 08Russian occupation troops fired around 12 122 mm artillery shells and 16 120 mm mines, and on February 09 fired more than 30 152 mm and 122 mm artillery shells, as well as 20 82 mm and 120 mm mines against the JFO positions near Orihove settlement and used 82 mm mortars against Ukrainian positions not far from Lebedynske settlement.

JFO forces opened adequate fire in response, to suppress enemy activity.

As the result of the Russian armed aggression, 5 servicemen from the JFO were WIA.

2. And now to the information from the Defense Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Russian Federation continues to supply ammunition, armament and military equipment through the uncontrolled border areas of the temporarily occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Last week a column of trucks full of armament and ammunition has entered occupied territories through Diakove border area (Luhansk region).

At the same time, Russian Federation uses temporarily occupied territories as a testing range for new types of armament. The enemy has actively used modernized UAVs near occupied settlements Shyroka balka and Holmivskyi, as well as electronic warfare and intelligence systems on Debaltseve and Novoaidar directions.

Apart from that, Russian occupation troops conduct additional mining along the frontline including areas close to settlements and civilian infrastructure facilities. The enemy use antitank and antipersonnel mines, as well as IEDs which are forbidden by the international conventions. As the result of such chaotic mining activities, during February, 6 servicemen from the Russian occupation troops blow themselves up on such mines.

That is all information for now!

Glory to Ukraine!