Weekly update of the situation in the operation area of the Joint Forces from 20 to 26 January 2020 (Video)

2020-01-27 16:53:00 | ID: 55369

Welcome to the Press Center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Here is the weekly update of the situation in the operation area of the Joint Forces from 20 to 26 January 2020.

1. The situation in the operation area of the JFO was tense. The number of the ceasefire violations was at the same level as last week. The enemy shelled the JFO positions with 122 mm artillery systems, as well as 120 mm and 82 mm mortars. Moreover, occupation troops used anti tank missiles, grenade launchers, small arms and other infantry weapons.

Over the past week, from 20 to 26 January 2020, 64 ceasefire violations were recorded. Every day the enemy shelled Ukrainian positions with heavy armament which should be withdrawn from the front line in accordance with the Minsk agreements. Thus:

On January 20, the enemy fired 17 120 mm mines against the JFO positions near Orihove settlement.

Over the course of January 21, 22 and 23 the enemy shelled Ukrainian positions with 82 mm mortars.

One more time, on January 24, in a flagrant violation of the Minsk agreements, the enemy used 122 mm artillery systems, as well as 82 and 120 mm mortars.

On January 25, the occupation troops fired 120 mm and 82 mm mortars against Ukrainian defenders near Pisky, Vodiane and Shyrokyne settlements.

Over the course of January 26, Russian occupation troops fired around 40 82 and 120 mm mines.

The situation in the operation area is under full control of the Joint Forces.

As the result of the Russian armed aggression, 6 servicemen from the JFO were WIA.

2. We want to inform with grief that over the past week, 4 servicemen were KIA.

Ministry of Defense expresses sincerest condolences to families and loved ones of the deceased defenders!

3. And now to the information from the Defense Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Russian occupation troops enhance their positions along the front line. At the same time, they use anti tank and anti personnel mines which are forbidden by the international convention, as well as IEDs which are a direct threat to the civilian population. As the result of such activity, 1 civilian person was heavily injured on January 18, on a mine field, which was laid by the occupation troops of the 2 AC, and had no warning signs.

Moreover, Russian Federation continuously supplies occupation troops with ammunition, armament and manpower through the uncontrolled border areas, especially using border crossings Uspenka, Dovzhanskyi and Diakovo. Russian Federation supplies occupation troops mainly with artillery, mortar ammunition as well as rockets for MLRS. Besides that, snipers, artillery crews and scouts who were trained on the territory of the Russian Federation are being sent to the units of the occupation troops.

What is more, the enemy use civilian infrastructure to conduct provoking shelling of the Joint Forces. They equip artillery and mortar positions in a close proximity to the residential areas. Furthermore, special fire adjustment training is being conducted under the command of active personnel of the Russian Armed Forces.

Apart from that, intensive training activities are being held within units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps, with the main efforts directed for the training of artillery and mortar units. Such training events are synchronized with training activities which are conducted in the units of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

That is all information for now!

Glory to Ukraine!