Air Force Strategy till 2035 is being developed taking into account the experience of NATO member states

2020-01-24 18:01:00 | ID: 55336

What will be the Air Force Development Strategy look like and what challenges will be faced by military aviators in the next 15 years? These and a number of other important issues were discussed between Ukrainian Air Force Command staff with their American counterparts in Kyiv.

According to the representative of the Air Force Command, Col. Artem Antonov, the development of the Strategy is a difficult process that has been going on for about a year. The Defense Planning Document is being developed for the first time in the Air Force.

— We are now reaching the finishing line. An integrated document is already in place, reflecting our vision of the Air Force target model till 2035 and the ways we plan to achieve our goals, — noted the officer.

He also added that one of the key tasks for the Air Force under the Strategy is to make military aviation interoperable with NATO member states. With regard to problematic issues, rearmament, which requires considerable financial resources, remains the most urgent one.

Air Force Development Strategy is planned to be presented to the general public in the spring. The document will build on the experience of the world’s leading countries. Therefore, it will be consistent with best practices in this area. This will give a clear definition of the role and place of the Air Force in the national security and defense system and will reflect a realistic gradual plan till 2035.

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