“Cyborgs” Commemoration Day: Ukraine commemorates defenders of Donetsk airport

2020-01-16 09:47:00 | ID: 55198

January 16 is “Cyborgs” Commemoration Day, commemoration day of those who defended Donetsk airport from 26th May 2014 till 22nd January 2015. For 242 days Ukrainian servicemen, volunteers, medics defended Donetsk airport with an incredible courage and brave.

The enemy called them “cyborgs” for their courage, alleging that only robots can withstand in such fierce conditions.

The first battle between Ukrainian defenders and Russian occupation troops for the control over the Donetsk airport took place at the end of May. In autumn 2014 combat actions renewed in a larger scale.

More than 100 soldiers were KIA and over 440 were WIA for the whole period of defenses.

Let’s commemorate Heroes! They withstood, concrete didn’t!