Weekly update on the situation in the operation area of the JFO from 25 November to 01 December 2019

2019-12-02 14:47:01 | ID: 54437

Welcome to the Press Center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Here is the weekly update of the situation in the operations area of the Joint Forces from 25 November to 01 December 2019.

1. During the last week, the Russian Occupation troops violated the ceasefire regime but the number of the ceasefire violations decreased. The enemy continued to use 82 mm mortars, which are forbidden by the Minsk agreements. Moreover, the enemy used IFV weapons, grenade launchers, small arms, as well as other infantry weapons.

Over the past week, from 25 November to 01 December 2019, Ukrainian defenders’ positions fell under provocative fire by the Russian Occupation troops for 56 times. Thus:

On November 25, the enemy shelled the JFO positions near Krymske and Luhanske settlements with 82 mm mortars.

On November 26, once more, the enemy used 82 mm mortars against Ukrainian defenders near Krymske, Luhanske and Novotoshkivske settlements for 4 times.

Over the course of November 29 and 30, in violation of the Minsk agreements, the Russian Occupation troops fired 82 mm mortars near Vodiane settlement.

And, on December 01, the enemy continued to use forbidden 82 mm mortars near Novohryhorivka settlement.

The Russian Occupation troops continue to disregard and violate international humanitarian law. On November 25, one civilian woman got bullet injury, during a cynical shelling of one of the residential areas of Mariinka settlement, by the Russian Occupation troops. The JFO forces deployed in the area provided her with first aid and transferred her to the hospital.

The situation in the operation area is under full control of the Joint Forces.

Our servicemen opened fire in response to suppress enemy activity using infantry weapons and by strictly adhering to the Minsk agreements.

2. As the result of the Russian armed aggression, 3 servicemen from the JFO were WIA. They were all transferred to the military medical facilities.

3. We want to inform with grief that that over the past week, 3 servicemen were KIA.

Ministry of Defense expresses sincerest condolences to the families and loved ones of the deceased defender.

4. And now to the information from the Defense Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

According to the information from the Defense Intelligence Directorate, the Command of the Russian Occupation troops continue to equip additional mortar and artillery positions, including in areas which are close to the disengagement zones. Moreover, new rounds of ammunition are being provided by the Russian Federation. These ammunitions are being stored in unsecure conditions which lead to incidents. Thus, on November 23rd, an explosion of ammunition has taken place in the 3rd brigade of the 1 Army Corp. Occupation troops tried to hide these facts and made a fake video, alleging that these ammunition exploded as a result of the firing by the JFO forces.

Russian occupation authorities continue to campaign among local population to enlist for military service within 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Taking into account the lack of personnel for conscription within the temporarily occupied territories, Russian citizens are being recruited through so called “NGOS” and “patriotic organizations” on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, the Command of the Russian Occupation troops has improved their air surveillance measures, to provide information about the OSCE UAVs, to increase cover-up activities and to cease transportation of equipment and assets, as well as conceal shelling of the positions of the JFO forces.

This is all information for now. Glory to Ukraine!

Captain Mykhailo Sharavara