British and Canadian sailors shared their experience in logistics and navigation training

2019-11-27 11:03:44 | ID: 54330

Scientific and methodological training according to the program of international military cooperation within operation “ORBITAL” took place in the Ukrainian Navy Command. Classes were held in two groups. The first was to study logistics, and the second was to conduct practical navigation lessons directly on the navigation bridge of the frigate Hetman Sahaidachnyi. During the practical training, the senior assistant commander of the frigate briefed on how the navigation service on the ship is organized and how to model combat situations during the training of the personnel.

Our foreign colleagues spoke about peculiarities of the management and logistics structure of the Navies of the United Kingdom and Canada.

— Three areas of cooperation with our international partners have already been agreed. These are the training of the Navy Command for planning C2 and logistics process, and for naval personnel — the organization of navigation courses. The training is based on standards that are effectively used in NATO member states. The experience of our partners is especially important and relevant today, as the main task of the Ukrainian Navy is to prevent the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas, — noted a representative of the Naval Command of the Ukrainian Navy.

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