Navy delegations from Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Canada held a meeting in Odessa

2019-11-26 18:49:00 | ID: 54306

On November 26, a meeting was held in Odessa between representatives of the Ukrainian Navy Command, UK operation ORBITAL and Canadian operation UNIFIER. The Ukrainian side was represented by a delegation led by the Lieutenant Commander Kostiantyn Plakhotniuk.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss criteria for the training of the Ukrainian Navy personnel, as well as the directions of further assistance by the instructors from UK and Canada.

— We are constantly improving our professional skills, and navigation is one of the most important components for the safe use of ships. The experience of our foreign partners is very important for us. In addition, logistical planning courses are an area in which we do not have much experience in organizing NATO standards planning, so assistance in this regard will be very useful for us, " noted Lieutenant Commander Konstiantyn Plakhotniuk.

During the event, representatives of the operations ORBITAL and UNIFIER discussed the main areas of bilateral cooperation and the criteria for further training of the Ukrainian Navy personnel. In general, the visit will last for five days. Foreign colleagues will visit military units in Odessa and Mykolaiv garrisons, where they will get acquainted with the methodology and specifics of training of future navigation specialists, as well as inspect the updated material base of Navy training centers and institutions. Moreover, sides will plan and coordinate training courses for 2020 in areas such as diving and logistics.

Press Center of the Navy