Active phase of the multinational command and staff exercise “Maple Arch — 2019” is ongoing in Zhytomyr region

2019-11-06 10:37:00 | ID: 53772

The multinational command and staff exercise “Maple Arch — 2019” is ingoing at the 199th Training Center of the Air Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Participants have started an active using a computer-simulator program to complete tasks of a peace and security operation in a fictional country.

According to the Deputy Commander of the Air Assault Battalion of the 95th Separate Air Assault Brigade of the Air Assault Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Captain Ivan Fedorenko, they were given the task according to which the unit patrols the area of responsibility and the border areas, where further refugee’s convoy and escort operations will be carried out with further transfer of the refugees to the Georgian side.

Platoon commander of the of the 13th Infantry Battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces, First Lieutenant Beca Kurtanidze notes that it is very important for them to participate in such exercise as it is their first such experience. Also, such exercises are relevant not only for us, but also for all partner states.

During the active phase, the 13th Georgia Infantry Battalion was tasked with protecting the civilian population.

The exercise scenario responds to the threats and challenges that are most typical for current armed conflicts around the world. Moreover, the planning and decision-making process is carried out in accordance with NATO standards.

— Such learning is very important for us, we can communicate in one language with our partners. We also use common skills to have a common understanding of what we are doing, as most of the participating states have experienced what war is like," -noted Ivan Fedorenko.

The multinational command and staff exercise “Maple Arch — 2019” is supported by the Canadian Armed Forces in concert with service personnel of the Armed Forces of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, with the participation of international partners from 9 countries: Georgia, Bulgaria, Canada, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland , The Republic of Northern Macedonia, Romania, Montenegro and Ukraine.

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