“The Defense Ministry’s budget for 2020 should be the largest since Ukraine’s independence”, — Andriy Zagorodnyuk

2019-11-05 14:52:36 | ID: 53746

“The budget allocations to the Ministry of Defense for 2020 are planned to be increased by almost all items of expenditures.”

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine emphasized this during the presentation of the draft budget for 2020 in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

— The main goal of the Defense Ministry is the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so the percentage of the budget should significantly increase and become the largest budget of the Ministry of Defense since the independence of Ukraine, — said Andriy Zagorodnyuk.

He informed that the draft Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2020” provides 245.8 billion UAH for national security and defense expenditures which is 5.45% of GDP and meets the requirements of strategic planning documents. These expenditures have increased by 33.8 billion UAH or 16% compared to 2019 (212.0 billion UAH) and according to the decision of the National Security and Defense Council as of November 2, 2019, are intended to be directed to:

135,5 billion UAH (3% of GDP) — for defense;

110,3 billion UAH (2,45% of GDP) — for security.

— The planned budget of the Ministry of Defense should become the largest since the independence and together with the budgets for the Defense Intelligence Directorate (3.5 billion), the State Special Transport Service (1.4 billion) and state guarantees (9 billion) should comprise 130 billion UAH, — noted the Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

Andriy Zagorodnyuk also stressed that the main priority for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine remains unchanged —which is the reconstruction and development of infrastructure, the procurement, modernization and renovation of military assets and equipment, the acquisition of the necessary capabilities that will meet the criteria for NATO membership.