The JFO Staff: the process of the withdrawal of forces from both sides has started at 12 p.m. at the 2 area near Zolote -4 settlement in Luhansk region

2019-10-29 13:40:00 | ID: 53549

The JFO Staff press centre reports that the process of the withdrawal of forces from both sides at the 2 area near Zolote — 4 settlement in Luhansk region has started on October 29, 2019, at 12.00. This has been made possible through the ceasefire regime during the last week.

Representatives of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission have confirmed the beginning of the withdrawal of forces and assets.

The JFO Staff stresses that all necessary measures will be taken by the Ukrainian side so that the withdrawal of forces and assets will not weaken the defense capabilities of the Ukrainian units in the designated area, as well as the authorities will not in any case leave the local population unattended, since all measures are carried out for one purpose — security in the specified withdrawal area, preservation of life and health of civilians and service personnel.

The JFO Staff press center notes that the shelling reported the day before was not in the area of the withdrawal of forces.

The JFO Staff press centre