NCOs were tested by a new program developed in accordance with NATO standards

2019-10-10 18:19:49 | ID: 53040

For the first time, cadets of the Navy NCO Training Center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have passed the exam under the new program, which is based on the development of the Planning and Decision Making Process according to NATO standards - TLP (Troop Leading Process). This program was developed with the participation of Lithuanian and Canadian experts.

The exam was conducted in a field and lasted for three days. The leadership of the Center evaluated the leadership skills of future commanders of sections and major sergeants of platoons and companies, their ability to properly execute orders and bring them to the staff. After all, the sergeant has an important role to play in the chain between the commander who sets the task and the soldiers who must implement it.

- Having landed in the concentration area of , they opened a patrol base, - says the chief of the Navy NCO Training Center warrant officer Yurii Klimkin. - After receiving the assignment, cadets were planning, drawing up terrains, developing an action plan. Each of them had a separate task.

During the field training, the military personnel worked on the task of deploying checkpoints, escorting and protecting important objects and cargo and conducting reconnaissance. The culmination of the exam was the capture of the crossing and seizure of the important area.

- After courses at the Training Center, future sergeants who have demonstrated leadership skills will go to the specialized training center directly according to specialty: naval commander, commander of a tank or artillery unit, etc. - says Yurii Klimkin.