We have got huge achievements in the defense sector - Head of State

2019-04-17 17:38:00 | ID: 49143

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko emphasizes that in the last five years, the Ukrainian army has not just been restored, but also the production of defense products has been restored.

He stressed that it is “the progress that we have demonstrated, including the development of missile technology, the use of developments of our design bureaus”.

The Head of State notes that it also goes about the successful tests of the cruise missile. There were no such missiles in Ukraine, since we have given up the X-55 missile at the beginning of our independence in the late 90’s. According to him, the tests of completely new and unique “Vilkha-M” missiles, which have a much increased range of action and much higher accuracy indicators, have now been successfully completed.

“This is what we definitely lacked in 2014. And what was sold out and looted. Many people simply do not care what was going on then,” Petro Poroshenko stressed.

Today, the situation is radically different, the President stated. “Today, I want to emphasize that we have huge achievements in the system of electronic warfare, in the air defense system, in the system of missile attacks, in the system of modernization of our armored vehicles, and in many others,” he said, noting that this is a great merit of the workers of the defense and industrial complex, because they made a release in the short term, tested and organized a serial production.

He reiterated the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces enjoy the highest level of respect and trust of society. “Deserved trust and respect. Today the AFU is a guarantor of sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of our state. A reliable guarantor, unlike those memorandum papers signed at the beginning of our country’s existence,” the Head of State said.

As to legislative changes, Petro Poroshenko called the adoption of the law on national security fateful. “I am convinced that modernizing the defense and security sector, not just the Armed Forces, in accordance with NATO standards is the guide that will lead our country to full-scale membership in the North Atlantic Alliance,” he summed up.