Hummer combat vehicles have arrived to Odessa and will be deployed to combat units

2019-04-13 14:52:00 | ID: 49042

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine has announced this during his working trip to the 58th Separate Infantry Brigade in Konotop, Sumy oblast.

— Recently the level of military technical assistance has increased significantly. This applies to all our partners, first of all, the United States of America. Nowadays, 35 “Hummer” combat vehicles are being unloaded in Odessa. Of these, 20 armored personnel vehicles will be deployed in combat units and 15 to medical support units, said the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, adding that all assistance immediately goes directly to the combat units that are in the frontline.

According to the Minister of Defense, during the last time the United States has provided assistance to Ukraine for more than $ 400 million.

— These are “Javelin” anti-tank missiles systems, modern communications means, artillery intelligence systems, electronic warfare and anti-sniper complexes, UAVs, — stressed Stepan Poltorak.

At the same time Stepan Poltorak emphasized that Ukraine can not build a strong army only at the expense of its partners and it is necessary to develop its own defense industry.