Head of State: My ambition is that we must cover all the way to the EU and NATO membership

2019-04-12 17:45:00 | ID: 49009

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stressed that he had a clear ambition — Ukraine should cover the path to membership in the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance. The Head of State said this during a meeting with representatives of the media following the negotiations with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

The Head of State noted that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had an opportunity to personally see on November 1, 2018 how Ukraine had positively changed over the past five years.

“Over this time, Ukraine has demonstrated that it is capable, ready and willing to engage in more profound cooperation with the EU and will do its best to meet the criteria that will subsequently enable our country, our nation to return to the family of European nations,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The President noted that, at his initiative, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine had introduced amendments to the Constitution regarding the aspirations of joining the EU and NATO.

“My ambition is absolutely clear: we must fully cover the path to membership in the EU and NATO. Today, this is the only effective institution capable of ensuring both the security of the state and prosperity, the rule of law, democracy and freedom,” he said.

“Ukrainians faced difficult years, but we endured that, inter alia, with the help of our German partners. We were convinced that Ukraine is moving in the right direction,” the President said.

Petro Poroshenko also noted that the army of Ukraine had reached a new level. “Cooperation with NATO allies shows that the Ukrainian military learn fast to be ready to defend the security of the entire European continent from the possible aggression by the Kremlin,” he said. The President thanked Mrs. Chancellor for the rehabilitation of Ukrainian military in German hospitals. “They appreciate this support and this is the position of a real friend and partner. This week in Berlin there is a group of Ukrainian servicemen at the annual seminar, which is another proof of deepening the cooperation of Ukraine and Germany in the defense sphere,” the Head of State said.

Separately, the President drew attention to the growth of trade turnover in 2018 with Germany by 13%, as well as the increase in trade with the EU. “German investors feel confident on the Ukrainian territory. Investments in Ukraine are increasing. We agreed on a large number of partner projects ... we now have additional German investments in the fields of economy, engineering, agriculture, IT, science and education,” he said.

In turn, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that during today’s talks, opportunities for the development of Ukraine’s relations with the European Union had been discussed. “The Association Agreement has already brought us many achievements. The EU has shown its reaction to the annexation of Crimea, to the seizure of the territory in the east of Ukraine. It supported Ukraine and this deal provided enormous opportunities,” she stressed.