President: Ukraine is willing to undertake the long-awaited commitments and start fulfilling the NATO Membership Action Plan

2019-04-04 16:30:00 | ID: 48782

President Poroshenko congratulated NATO on the 70th anniversary of its establishment.

The Head of State noted that 70 years ago, the civilized world united for the creation of the North Atlantic Alliance. “Over the years, the Alliance has proved that it is about peace, stability and human dignity. Over the years, the Alliance has also proved to be the strongest and most effective team of like-minded people — no member of the Alliance has ever been threatened by anyone,” the Head of State said on his Facebook page.

“Ukraine highly appreciates the solidarity of the North Atlantic Alliance and its continued support for our state in the face of Russian aggression. Today, when the Russian aggressor cynically and blatantly violates norms and rules established in the world, the movement to NATO remains a non-alternative direction for Ukraine, its protection and preservation of territorial integrity,” he added.

The President assured that Ukraine remained a reliable partner of NATO in building a common and secure future. According to him, all these years, Ukraine has been confidently paving its way to the North Atlantic Alliance — a new Ukrainian army respected in the region and in the world has been created almost from scratch.

“Today, we are actually the eastern flank of the Alliance. In terms of weapons, experience and standards. Today, we are ready to undertake the long-awaited commitments and start implementing the NATO Membership Action Plan,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

“I believe that the London Summit of NATO is just the opportunity when allies will properly assess Ukraine’s contribution to the defense of the Euro-Atlantic community and begin a practical debate on giving our country the MAP. With faith in that today, I am signing the next Annual National Program for the Enhancement of Partnership between Ukraine and NATO,” the President added.

“We are not planning to stop. We will move confidently further. There are no alternatives to the EU and NATO for Ukraine,” the Head of State emphasized.