Donbas and Korets vessels are in Mariupil regardless provocations

2018-09-25 10:23:00 | ID: 43806

Today, on September 25, at 09:35 a.m., the Ukrainian Navy ships and vessels have docked in Mariupil port. Russia spread a range of fake news and information related to these manoeuvres.

Russian Mangust border boat made provocations near Mariupol raid in the vicinity of the anchorage. It made an attempt to approach our ships but crews of Lubny and Kremenchuk armoured boats stopped it and prevented its approaching to anchorage of Donbas and Korets vessels.

Moreover, some media started to spread a fake of Russian propaganda on allegedly payment of pilotage services to the aggressor. Neither pilotage services were paid during this passage through the Kerch Strait.

Press Centre of the Ukrainian Navy Command